Welcome to Cary Chinese School

Cary Chinese School (CCS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational organization that aims to promote Chinese language literacy and enrich cultural diversity within our community.
凯瑞中文学校 (CCS) 是一所 501(c)3 非盈利教育机构,致力于弘扬中华文化,培养双语人才。学校提供汉语语言教育,文体课外活动,以及社区便民服务.

Cary Chinese School offers two types of Chinese language programs:
★ Chinese as a Heritage Language (CHL): For students who can speak fluent Chinese (Mandarin) natively, with two different curriculums to choose from: ZhongWen and MaLiPing.
★ Chinese as a Second Language (CSL): For children and adults who want to learn Chinese as a Second Language.

★ 传承汉语 (CHL): 适用于汉语为母语或在家里有语言交流环境的学生,有两套教程可以选择:暨南中文或马力平中文.
★ 汉语为第二语言 (CSL): 适用于母语为非汉语的学生(包括成人),将汉语当作第二语言来学习。

For the CHL program, CCS employs the popular Ma Liping methodology and Zhong Wen taught by highly-qualified teachers, many of whom hold advanced degrees in Chinese-language education. The CSL staff, meanwhile, boasts a wealth of experience in teaching non-native Chinese speakers. Throughout the school year, the CHL and CSL instructors actively participate in continuing-education training to enhance their didactic skills. Not surprisingly, our students have garnered first- and second-place awards in a number of regional and national Chinese essay competitions. As educators, the CCS administrators and teaching staff take tremendous pride in putting together top-notch Chinese language programs.

In addition to language programs, CCS offers a variety of activity classes of cultural enrichment and sports for kids and adults:
★ Folk Dance
★ Arts and Crafts
★ Chinese Brush Painting
★ Chinese Calligraphy
★ SAT English
★ SAT Math and Creative Math
★ Math Olympiad
★ Chess
★ Go
★ Badmington
★ Tennis
★ Table Tennis
★ Youth Band
★ CCS Radio Show (Duke University's WXDU)
★ Dragon Boat Club (Adults Only)
★ Zumba
★ TaiChi
★ AP Chinese (Credit Accepted by Most Universities)

★ 民族舞蹈
★ 绘画和手工
★ 国画
★ 书法
★ SAT 英文
★ SAT 数学和趣味数学
★ 奥林匹克数学
★ 国际象棋
★ 围棋
★ 羽毛球
★ 网球
★ 乒乓球
★ 少年乐队
★ CCS 广播节目 (杜克大学的 WXDU电台)
★ 龙舟队 (成人组)
★ 尊巴舞蹈健身
★ 太极拳
★ AP 中文(有大学学分)

Each year, CCS hosts four school-wide family events:
★ Halloween Parade
★ Academic Contests
★ Chinese New Year’s Gala
★ Sports Day and Summer Picnic

★ 万圣节游行
★ 中文和绘画比赛
★ 春节联合会
★ 运动游园野餐会

CCS is run by a group of dedicated volunteers and supported by families and businesses within the local community.
If you are interested in supporting CCS as a business sponsor or a volunteer, please contact pta@carycs.org.


Saturdays 9:00am-1:00pm:
★ 9:00am-10:50am Language
★ 11:00am-11:50am Activity I
★ 12:00pm-12:50pm Activity II

Panther Creek High School
6770 McCrimmon Parkway
Cary, NC 27519
(Use the west entrance near Green Level Church Road)

WEBSITE: www.carycs.org
EMAIL: principal@carycs.org

Cary Chinese School
P.O. Box 1542,
Cary, NC 27512-1542