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    凯瑞中文学校 - 开学通知
    Cary Chinese School - First Day of School

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  • 《CCS指南》

    Coupon Book


    秋季新学年开学之际,凯瑞中文学校将发行一本全彩色、内附商家优惠券的宣传册子,名为“CCS指南”。这本书里有关于学校的语言课程和活动课程的相关信息,也有本地商家的分类列表和广告(包括商家优惠券)。2017年9月开始售卖。 CCS指南书所得的捐赠和盈利,将用作学校家长教师联合会(PTA)为学生和老师们组织活动的经费。



    • 铂金级 $500-1000
    • 黄金级 $400
    • 白银级 $200
    • 青铜级 $100
    • 商务级 $50
    • 单纯分类列表 $10


  • The “CCS Guide”

    Coupon Book

    Announcing The “CCS Guide”

    Coming this fall at the start of the new school year, Cary Chinese School will publish a full-color coupon book named “CCS Guide”. The book will include useful information about school’s language programs and activity programs, as well as classifieds and advertisements (with coupons) of local businesses. The print copies will be available for sale in September, 2017. All donations and proceeds from the coupon book will be used to support PTA activities for our students and teachers.

  • No School on Saturday, January 7th, 2017

    Due to the onset of inclement weather, there will be NO SCHOOL on Saturday, January 7th. The safety of our students, parents and staff remains our top priority.

    Hope all is well and have a great week.

  • Mascot Design and Naming Contest

    Cary Chinese School (“CCS”) is seeking submission for a School mascot and name.

    Official Contest Rules and Procedures  

    The mascot design and name should symbolize Cary Chinese School, and its community, culture and values to foster CCS spirit and pride. Information on how to enter and about the prizes is part of these Official Rules. To the extent of any inconsistency, these Official Rules prevail.  

  • CCS Newsletter - 2016 Fall Week 1


    Dear CCS Parents and Students,

    Thanks to the efforts of all volunteers, parents and students, the first day of school went smoothly last week.

    Please enjoy the video on CCS First Day of School produced by a volunteer - Hunter Min Hu (胡民):

    Video: 2016 2017 CCS First Day of School
    Producer: Hunter Min Hu (胡民)



  • 2016 华文教育名师巡讲


    2016 华文教育名师巡讲 - 北卡凯瑞中文学校中文教师培训, 请参加培训的老师们在这里报名注册:

    • 主办: 中国海外交流协会
    • 承办: 全美中文学校协会, 北卡凯瑞中文学校
    • 培训日期: 2016年8月21日, 星期日, 上午九点至下午六点
    • 培训地点: Talley Student Union, BR-Currituck-Hatteras Suite, North Carolina State University, 2610 Cates Avenue, Raleigh, NC, 27606
    • 联系电话: 919-561-0478
    • 联系邮件:
  • CCS Math Olympiad Club

    Calling all rising sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who enjoy mathematical problem solving and would like to have a chance to

    • prepare for math competitions such as MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8, AMC 10 and AIME.
    • sharpen and enrich their mathematical concepts in algebra, counting, probability and statistics, number theory and geometry.
    • explore a variety of math that isn't always taught in middle school classrooms
    • inspire excellence, confidence, curiosity and teamwork through fun and challenging math problems!
  • CCS Radio Show Program

    凯瑞中文学校Radio Show Program是一档由CCS学生自己制作和编排的谈话节目,每个月定期在杜克大学广播电台(Duke University Radio:播出。

    第一期节目于2月14日隆重推出。这期节目从选题到编写材料到录音完全由CCS的同学们自己完成,并在杜克广播电台DJ的指导下做了现场直播。第一期有11位同学参加,他们是:Christopher Clark, Angelika Wang, Ruiyang Wu, Vivian Chen, Jasmine Ye, Morgan Chu, Ruiyang Wu, Ryan Clark, Brandon Yi & Jasmine Ye, Ashley Wang, Ji Cheng, Eric Ye, Ada & Arthur Lopez.


  • 2016 Contest Winners