Direction to Cary Chinese School

Cary Chinese School school hours are on Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on a Saturday. The language session (both CHL and CSL) runs from 9:00 to 10:50 am, followed by two hours of Chinese cultural activity classes. 

All classes will be conducted at Panther Creek High School, located in Cary.

  •  The school address:

6770 McCrimmon Pkwy
Cary, NC 27519

CCS parking image

Parking Direction

Panther Creek High School (PCHS) designates the north parking lot to Cary Chinese School (CCS) while discouraging us to park in the south parking lot. Therefore we are redesigning our Saturday morning traffic pattern to be compliant to that policy, ensuring smooth flow and most important, safety to our children, parents and staff as we reduce cross-traffic as much as possible.
Starting from Saturday (10/3), we will have Cary police officers coming in to help CCS Security Group enforce the traffic pattern. Please respect our on-site security staff’s and police officers’ direction on Saturday mornings.
Here are the highlights of the new traffic pattern.

Dropoff Route

  • Dropoff traffic (i.e., stop – unload – leave) follows GREEN line, bearing RIGHT
  • Unloading is only allowed in front of building (see CYAN line), PROHIBITED AT OTHER PLACES
  • All students get off on RIGHT HAND SIDE
  • Cars shall pull all the way up to next empty spot along dropoff zone
  • Traffic flows in counter-clock direction, no turn-around allowed

Parking Route

  • Parking traffic follows BLUE lines, bearing LEFT past the first T section in school
  • Teachers and parents shall all park in the NORTH parking lot
  • Once parked, cars are disallowed to leave during morning dropoff, i.e., 8:40 AM – 9:20 AM
  • Traffic flows in counter-clock direction, no turn-around allowed

Park-and-Leave Route

  • Park-and-leave traffic follows GREEN line, bearing RIGHT
  • Use SOUTH parking lot to park at most 30 minutes
  • Parents must escort students to the building and assume responsibilities of ensuring their children’s safety while crossing streets/traffic
  • We will notify CCS parents of leaving entire south parking lot to PCHS (i.e., no CCS parking in this area) when PCHS held events/activities on Saturdays

This traffic pattern will apply only during morning dropoff, i.e., 8:40 AM – 9:20 AM. All traffic signs and cones will be removed after 9:20 AM, normal traffic pattern restored.


Panther Creek High School (PCHS)指定凯瑞中文学校使用北面的停车场,不推荐我们停在南面。因此我们中文学校重新制定了周六早间交通图,目的是减少交叉车流,顺畅交通,最大限度保证学生、老师和工作人员的安全。


  • 顺绿色箭头指示,进入学校之后靠右行驶
  • 只能在教室楼前青色区域卸下学生,其他任何地方不准下车
  • 所有学生右侧下车
  • 在停车区域,所有车辆必须停到最前方的空位,即使这个位置可能离教室楼稍远
  • 所有车辆按一个方向行驶,形成一个反时针环路,不准反向行驶或转弯


  • 顺蓝色箭头指示,过了第一个T字路口之后靠左行驶
  • 所有老师和家长,请停在北面的停车场
  • 一旦停车,不准在早间高峰期离开,即8:40 AM – 9:20 AM
  • 所有车辆按一个方向行驶,形成一个反时针环路,不准反向行驶或转弯

泊车 – 之后离开之线路图

  • 顺绿色箭头指示,进入学校之后靠右行驶
  • 请停在南面的停车场,最长允许停30分钟
  • 家长必须引领学生进入教室楼,家长负责保证学生穿行马路的安全
  • 在PCHS有活动的周六,我们会让出南面停车场给PCHS,届时会提前通知

以上交通图只在早间高峰有效,即8:40 AM – 9:20 AM。所有交通指示牌在9:20 AM以后都将被移除恢复正常交通秩序。