CCS Student Rules

 Student Rules - DO

  • Attend school on time.
  • Bring all required textbooks, exercised books, stationery and homework to class.
  • Comply with classroom disciplines and obey teacher’s instructions.
  • Listen attentively to the teacher in the class
  • Be quiet
  • Raise your hand to speak.
  • Ask for teacher’s permission to leave classroom.
  • Clean up trash before leaving.
  • Walk quietly on the right side of hallway.
  • Show respect and courtesy to fellow students, teachers and school staff.
  • Study Chinese at home and finish homework on time. 


Student Rules - DO NOT

  • Leave the classroom without teacher’s approval.
  • Disrupt class and/or the learning climate.
  • Disobey teachers, school officials, and volunteers who are helping school officials.
  • Use intimidation, harassment, and physical/verbal abuse on others.
  • Cheat on homework, quizzes and/or examinations.
  • Move, modify, or damage the school’s property.
  • Draw on walls, tables, chairs and any school’s facilities.
  • Possess/use dangerous articles or toys irrelevant to school programs.
  • Use another person’s properties without permission.
  • Run, chase, climb anywhere other than in playground area Shout, push, and/or fight on school premises.