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Welcome to Cary Chinese School

Cary Chinese School (CCS) is a 501(C)3 nonprofit educational organization that aims to promote Chinese language literacy and to encourage cultural exchange/diversity within our community.

CCS offers two types of Chinese language programs--
The Chinese as a Heritage Language (CHL) program is designed for students who can speak fluent Chinese (Mandarin).
The Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) program is geared toward students (both children and adults) whose spoken Chinese is at beginning or intermediate levels.

2016 CCS 春节联欢会观众最喜欢(校内)节目评选

2016 Contest Winners

2016 Chinese New Year Gala

CCS will have 2016 Chinese New Year Gala on Sunday, 02/07/2016.

Time: 15:00 - 17:30 (EST)
Address: Westwood Baptist Church
            200 Westhigh Street
            Cary, NC 27513
Admission: Free

Welcome to join us to celebrate Chinese New Year!

2016 Spring Contests

The PTA of Cary Chinese School (CCS) is organizing 3 different contests among all the students at CCS. The purpose of organizing those competitions is to encourage students to write Chinese characters, exercise their Chinese speaking abilities, and draw the most beautiful paintings with the brushes.

Registration FAQs

Within the first 2 weeks of a new semester, what we call open registration period (ORP), parents and studenst are allowed to switch/unregister classes. Click Read More below to lean the details.

CCS moves to the Panther Creek High School!

New CCS Location - Panther Creek High School

Cary Chinese School will move to the Panther Creek High School when CCS opens the Fall 2015 semester on August 29th, 2015.  

The Panther Creek High School is located in the following address:

                 6770 McCrimmon Pkwy, Cary, NC 27519

Teacher Positions Available at CCS

Cary Chinese School is seeking multiple part-time teachers in the 2015 Fall semester: -Public Speech and Debate Teacher -Chess Teacher -Drawing Teacher

CCS School Year End Outing

2015 Fall Registration Opens on May 8th

Hope everyone enjoy your time at CCS. We can not believe that we're approaching the end of 2014-15 school year, and the registration for a new semester will open on May 8th, this coming Friday. Please use CCS Registration System to sign up 2015 fall classes. If you want to registerAP Chinese, please follow instruction here.

Please click here for detailed information about 2015 Fall Registration.



2016 CCS 春节联欢会观众最喜欢(校内)节目评选
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