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2016-17 年 AP 中文课注册通知


高年级的同学即将完成马立平或“中文”的课程设置要求,面临着是否继续学中文、以何种形式学中文的问题。继续学中文可以说是一种共识,那么以哪种形式来学习,既能满足继续学习的兴趣,又能顺应未来大学学分的要求呢?针对这一问题,同时应广大同学家长的要求,我校2016-17学年继续设立AP中文课(学名:Advance Placement Chinese Language and Culture)。


  1. 公立学校Rising九年级以上的CCS在册学生,或者
  2. 公立学校Rising八年级的CCS在册学生,已经完成马立平系列七年级以上或“中文”系列八年级以上,并且有现任中文课老师推荐,或者
  3. 公立学校Rising九年级以上的非CCS在册学生,必须通过AP中文课老师测评
  4. 每位学生必须签署《注册AP中文课承诺书


Welcome to Cary Chinese School

Cary Chinese School (CCS) is a 501(C)3 nonprofit educational organization that aims to promote Chinese language literacy and to encourage cultural exchange/diversity within our community.

CCS offers two types of Chinese language programs--
The Chinese as a Heritage Language (CHL) program is designed for students who can speak fluent Chinese (Mandarin).
The Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) program is geared toward students (both children and adults) whose spoken Chinese is at beginning or intermediate levels.

CCS Math Olympiad Club

Calling all rising sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who enjoy mathematical problem solving and would like to have a chance to

  • prepare for math competitions such as MATHCOUNTS, AMC 8, AMC 10 and AIME.
  • sharpen and enrich their mathematical concepts in algebra, counting, probability and statistics, number theory and geometry.
  • explore a variety of math that isn't always taught in middle school classrooms
  • inspire excellence, confidence, curiosity and teamwork through fun and challenging math problems!

书法讲座 Calligraphy Seminar - Free


活动:书法讲座 - 中国书法家协会会员冯彝诤


地点:凯瑞中文学校, 2613 教室





Event: Free Calligraphy Lecture - Chinese Calligraphers Association Member -  Mr. Feng Yizheng

Time: April 23, 9: 30-10: 30,

Location: Cary Chinese School,  2613 classroom

Organizer: Cary Chinese School



Student Showcase

​We take great pride in the quality of work that's produced by our students. Below is a collection of Chinese essays and projects that reflect some our students' best work.


CCS Radio Show Program

凯瑞中文学校Radio Show Program是一档由CCS学生自己制作和编排的谈话节目,每个月定期在杜克大学广播电台(Duke University Radio:播出。

第一期节目于2月14日隆重推出。这期节目从选题到编写材料到录音完全由CCS的同学们自己完成,并在杜克广播电台DJ的指导下做了现场直播。第一期有11位同学参加,他们是:Christopher Clark, Angelika Wang, Ruiyang Wu, Vivian Chen, Jasmine Ye, Morgan Chu, Ruiyang Wu, Ryan Clark, Brandon Yi & Jasmine Ye, Ashley Wang, Ji Cheng, Eric Ye, Ada & Arthur Lopez.


2016 CCS 春节联欢会观众最喜欢(校内)节目评选

2016 Contest Winners

2016 Chinese New Year Gala

CCS will have 2016 Chinese New Year Gala on Sunday, 02/07/2016.

Time: 15:00 - 17:30 (EST)
Address: Westwood Baptist Church
            200 Westhigh Street
            Cary, NC 27513
Admission: Free

Welcome to join us to celebrate Chinese New Year!


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